Academic English Language Requirement (AELR)

If you are enrolling in a bachelor's degree programme (including conjoint degrees) at the University of Auckland, you may need to meet the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR).

What is the AELR?

The Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) aims to ensure students have a sufficient level of competence in academic English to support their study at University. The requirement will not affect whether you are offered a place in a programme.

How to meet the AELR

  • The requirement may be met on entry (depending on how University Entrance is gained e.g. through NCEA).
  • Special Admission applicants and applicants applying based on results at another tertiary institution that have achieved 60 points or more of prior study, can meet the requirement if they achieve an acceptable result in DELNA. An acceptable result will be a ‘Good’ or ‘Satisfactory’ result in the Screening assessment, or a minimum of 7 in the writing band and an overall average of 7 or above in the Diagnostic assessment.
  • If the requirement is not met on entry or through the DELNA pathway (for those that the DELNA pathway is available to) an approved course must be completed, and passed, during the first 12 months of study.

For more information about how to meet AELR and approved courses, please see Academic English Language Requirement.