DELNA for students

DELNA is a free check of your academic English language skills. Your results will not exclude you from courses you are already enrolled in and will not appear on your official academic record.

DELNA Screening

Your results

We will email you the Screening results and inform your faculty.

  • You may be told that your academic language skills are appropriate for beginning university study.
  • Or you may be told that your academic language skills are satisfactory, in which case you will be given details about where to go to do some brushing up of your language skills.
  • Or you may be asked to follow the Screening with the Diagnosis. Do this as soon as you can. The Diagnosis will give you a finer language profile of your listening, reading and writing skills. You will then be able to discuss these results with a friendly language adviser who will advise the best language enrichment for you on the campus. This will get you off to a really good start!

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities may be exempt from the DELNA assessments. Please contact Disability Services to check your eligibility for an exemption—they will contact us directly.

Disability Services 
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 ext 82936
Visit the Disability Services website


DELNA Diagnosis

The DELNA Diagnosis is a thorough assessment of your English language skills.

The Diagnosis is done with pen and paper and consists of:

  • a reading task 
  • a listening task
  • a writing task

These tasks have been trialled at the Universities of Melbourne and Auckland. Each task enables us to diagnose your present language skills and predict your performance in academic English.

Your results

Approximately 10 days after sitting the Diagnosis, you will receive an email from the DELNA office about your results. The email may ask you to schedule an appointment with one of the DELNA language advisers.

If you do not receive an email within the above timeframe, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Student ID
  • The date and time of your assessment

To make an appointment to talk about your results, please email with:

  • Your name
  • Your Student ID number
  • Some days and times that you are able to come in.

DELNA Handbook

DELNA Handbook
(529.1 kB, PDF)

Doctoral candidates and DELNA

All doctoral candidates do DELNA.

Completing the assessment and, if required, participation in any language enrichment is one of the goals all doctoral candidates must achieve in their provisional year as stated in the 2016 PhD Statute. For most candidates, the goal is met upon successful completion of the DELNA Screening; however, for those who are asked to complete the DELNA Diagnosis, achieving the goal may entail carrying out a language enrichment programme, which may include one or two credit-bearing language courses. 

Candidates who have been granted a language waiver bypass the Screening and complete the Diagnosis only.  

The Screening

All doctoral candidates must complete the DELNA Screening within two months of registration. Candidates book to do this at, under the group Screening for Doctoral candidates.

Please note:

  • The Screening is done once only, and candidates may be required to follow it with the Diagnosis, which is also done once only.
  • Candidates from the University of Auckland will generally have completed the Screening successfully as undergraduates. DELNA passes that information on to the School of Graduate Studies as/when requested.
  • Candidates who have been granted a language waiver should bypass the Screening and go straight to the Diagnosis.

The Diagnosis

Candidates who do not reach the minimum cut scores in the Screening must complete the Diagnosis and participate in any language enrichment recommended by the DELNA Language Advisers. Candidates book a Diagnosis session on the booking site as above, under the group Diagnosis for Doctoral candidates.

Meeting the DELNA Language Adviser

The email you will receive from the DELNA office will contain instructions for you to book an appointment with a DELNA adviser. Alternatively, you can email to schedule your appointment. Please include in the email:

  • Your name
  • Your Student ID number
  • Some days and times that you are able to come in

Off-campus Doctoral Candidates

Doctoral candidates who have been approved for off-campus registration must undertake DELNA within the first two months of their registration. If a candidate is then required to undertake one or more English language courses in their provisional year, they may either be enrolled in an on-campus course or courses at the University of Auckland or enrol in an approved language course or courses at another New Zealand university. Please refer to the School of Graduate Studies for information on approved off-campus courses. The costs associated with approved non-University of Auckland language courses will not be met centrally.

Academic English Language Requirement (AELR)

Find out what the Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) is and how you can meet it.


Language enrichment for all students

Find out about the University’s language support systems: